What the Holiday Season Means to Our Family

MixedBlessing®’s Holiday Season History

“It is important that families who celebrate their mixed faiths can honor specific traditions” ~ Elise Okrend

Phil and Elise Okrend
Phil and Elise Okrend

We have the pleasure of celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas (and some festivities for Chrismukkah) as well.  It is important for us to offer solutions for those who are celebrating various family celebrations.

In December 1988, my husband, Philip and I pondered over what kind of holiday greeting cardto send to their friends in interfaith relationships. Instead of sending two separate cards or one non-denominational card, I doodled a card with a Star of David merging with a Christmas tree, that would go well for both faiths.   Chrismukkah Christmas and HanukkahOur friends loved the card and the idea so much that MixedBlessing was born. Since then MixedBlessing has been producing wonderful creative images that have touched people’s hearts and imagination!

Blintzes for Blitzen book by Elise Okrend

In addition to creating MixedBlessing cards, we wrote and published the much needed children’s book “Blintzes For Blitzen”,Christmas and Hanukkah tale. The book can be found under the Holiday Products section of our MixedBlessing.com website.

The response to the book and cards has been incredible!  People are able to connect and share their passion for family faiths and traditions.

Blintzes for Blitzen can be seen at:

Mixed Blessing Interfaith Holiday Cards have been featured:

From our family to yours, may you have a wonderful Peaceful and Happy Holiday Season.


Elise and Philip Okrend

About the Authors

Elise and Philip Okrend, the authors of Blintzes For Blitzen are the founders of MixedBlessing, a well-known company that produces holiday greeting cards and related products for people who celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas and for people who want to celebrate diversity and peace.

MixedBlessing greeting cards and other items such as mugs, multicultural cards, music, interfaith stockings and books are available online at www.mixedblessing.com. Catalogs are available by calling 1-800-947-4004. Card art is available in your publication with permission.

Elise and Philip Okrend are available for interviews. 919-847-7944