Sun or Snow – MixedBlessing Holiday Cards Say it All

Whether you like sun or snow our unique holiday cards say Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah in one design! Here’s some of our greeting cards combining menorahs, Christmas trees, dreidels and candy canes at the beach or in a pile of snow!

Snow Angels

Inside verse: May we all share in fun, joy and laughter this holiday season

Holiday Flip Flops

Inside Verse: May your holidays be filled with warmth and good cheer

Holiday Sleds


Inside Verse: Wishing you a world of peace and happiness Happy Holidays

Beach Time

Inside Verse: Hang loose this holiday season
Hope you enjoy our unique interfaith holiday cards. Visit our site for our full line of designs combining Christmas and Hanukkah and multicultures at This year, send one inclusive holiday greeting card to all your family, friends and colleagues. Happy Holidays to all.