Santa “Friends” Hanukkah Harry on Facebook

Santa Friends Hanukkah Harry on Facebook.
Santa Friends Hanukkah Harry on Facebook.

As the winter holidays approach, Santa has been expanding his “Friend List” on Facebook and befriends Hanukkah Harry. After days of checking, Santa’s friend request has not been answered! Seems that Hanukkah Harry has taken a little hiatus from Facebook to work on his Linked in profile! Finally after waiting some time, Santa decides to reach out to Hanukkah Harry through a different way, “ let’s try one of those mixed holiday cards for Christmas and Hanukkah, that should get noticed.”

After Googling, Santa found the perfect holiday card from MixedBlessing! Within days of mailing the card, Santa received his 100,000th friend on Facebook, Hanukkah Harry.

This holiday season, instead of sending a virtual e-card or a general Facebook message, write a personal message on a MixedBlessing holiday card. Show that you care and be noticed with cards that celebrate all faiths, including and honoring both Christmas and Hanukkah.

MixedBlessing cards celebrates diversity, inclusion and respect among inter-faith couples and all diverse families. In addition to its interfaith and multicultural cards and products, Mixedblessing is now incorporating Coexist Products into their holiday selections. Coexist celebrates diversity and peace among all religions!

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