MixedBlessing’s®, Diversity and Peace Greeting Card Line Proves More Than A Passing Trend

MixedBlessing, an interfaith and multicultural greeting card company has been producing holiday cards combining images of different religious traditions for almost 20 years. What was originally considered a “fad” to combine Christmas and Hanukkah in one design was not taken lightly by MixedBlessing’s creator, Elise Okrend. Her mission was to represent multicultural families and move people toward peace, tolerance and diversity, one greeting card at a time.

Joy, a new design for 2009, celebrates diversity and peace.

When MixedBlessing started, it endured criticism from religious leaders and skepticism from others accusing the small company of promoting intermarriage and blending religion. But MixedBlessing tapped into more than a passing trend. In contrast, today Okrend’s dream of celebrating and respecting our differences is more alive than ever. There is a growing acceptance of multiculturalism and a desire for peace spreading throughout the country. From electing Barack Obama, a multi-ethnic president with a message of Hope, to the proliferation of peace emblems on everything from socks to jewelry, to songs of peace by Jewish rapper, Matisyahu, the seeds of multiculturalism are blooming.

MixedBlessing offers a line of over 50 interfaith, multicultural, peace and diversity holiday cards. A new design for this year, illustrates the word JOY, with the J being a peace dove, O a Christmas wreath and Y, a golden menorah.

Christmas Tree and the Star of David
Mixed Blessing offers interfaith holiday cards.

The design that started MixedBlessing, created by Elise Okrend, combined a Star of David on one side with a Christmas tree on the other. Our multicultural snowman is decked out with colorful hanging menorahs, dreidels  and Christmas ball ornaments, as he gleefully tunes into his iPod. “Customers love MixedBlessing cards because they reflect the way they live and the way they spend the holidays,” said Elise Okrend.

MixedBlessing strives to be more than a greeting card company, it offers resources and related products to interfaith families. At. Mixedblessing.com you can find relative articles, books, music, interfaith stockings and multicultural cards, all in the spirit of diversity. This year the company has added The Peace Shop, featuring COEXIST merchandise. This cleverly designed logo combines the symbols of the religions of the world to form the word COEXIST. “I’m excited to be continue to offer innovative products inspiring people to imagine a better world,” said Elise Okrend.

MixedBlessing greeting cards and other items such as mugs, multicultural cards, music, interfaith stockings and books are available online at www.mixedblessing.com.

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