De-Stress the Holiday Season

For many families, the holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Caught between visiting in-laws, the quandary over Christmas gifts, and questions over which traditions to celebrate, the holiday season can cause much anxiety and tension.

Try these quick tips to de-stress your family over the holidays:


Holiday Cards
MixedBlessing celebrates diversity, tolerance and peace.

• Gratitude lists. While sitting around the Thanksgiving table or celebrating the December holidays, take some time to reflect on what’s really important in your life.


• Generosity. This winter season, donate a coat, children’s toys or warm clothes to a local community center.

• Make gifts. There’s more fun in making something special- be creative and make your gift truly unique.

• Tell stories. Stories told around the dinner table create a sense of family and community.

• Family feast. Decorating cookies, making matzo balls, latkas, or eggnog, there’s nothing like food to bring a family together.

Here at MixedBlessing, we celebrate interfaith traditions such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and other global faith traditions by our diverse line of greeting cards and holiday gifts. Our vision is to celebrate multi-culturalism and tolerance around the world. In addition, COEXIST apparel and gifts promote global and religious peace and diversity. To find out more about MixedBlessing cards and products, visit

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