Christmas Tree, Menorah or Both for Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky?

This past summer the high profile wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinskywas officiated by both a rabbi and a minister, a true interfaith ceremony incorporating the Jewish and Christian faiths. Though the wedding was a triumph for the young couple, what will happen as the December holidays approach? With over 50 percent of Jews marrying outside the faith, interfaith marriage may be more in the mainstream, but issues revolving around holiday celebrations, where religious differences are pronounced can be difficult. Chelsea and Marc may face some tough questions on how they can honor their own faiths while celebrating the holiday season together. Will their home have a Christmas tree, menorah, both, or neither and which religious practices will they incorporate into their home and life? What kind of holiday card will they send? A Hanukkah card to his side of the family, a Christmas card to her side, or a generic Season’s Greeting card?

This issue of what kind of holiday card an interfaith couple will send has been addressed by one card company for over 20 years. When Elise Okrend, the creator of MixedBlessing® pondered over what kind of greeting card to send to co-workers and family members in interfaith relationships, her clever design of a Star of David morphing into a Christmas tree hit the mark. Okrend has been designing tasteful and respectful cards combining Christmas and Hanukkah images ever since. “Interfaith families love MixedBlessing cards because they reflect the way they live and the way they spend the holidays,” said Okrend, “I’m sure Chelsea and Marc will

find a MixedBlessing card design that fits who they are.”

The challenges of being in an interfaith marriage can be great, but sharing and celebrating in two faiths can add a deep sense of richness to the couple’s life together. As with all issues, respect and communication is key to making decisions that work for each. So, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to Chelsea and Marc.

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